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PHAQ National Procedure Banding List

The National Procedure Banding List and Summary of Changes document is produced periodically in response to changes to the Medical Benefits Schedule which affect items which have been banded by the National Procedure Banding Committee. Updates are provided free of charge to PHAQ members, however a subscription service is available to non-members – please contact us should you require further information.

Legislative Compliance Matrix

The PHAQ Legislative Compliance Matrix is an invaluable aid to assist health care facilities in ensuring compliance with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements. Produced in an Excel Spreadsheet, with supplementary alphabetical listing, the matrix details all relevant Legislation, Regulations, Advisory Standards and Guidelines. Version controlled updates are provided to subscribers every 2-3 months, depending on the volume of change. The update service merely flags items which have been amended and does not include any commentary as to the implications of the change for hospitals. Whilst this matrix has been developed for Queensland private hospitals, and therefore does not include other State specific legislation, given the volume of applicable national legislation and standards, it does provide a sound base document for hospitals in other states to adapt, by replacing Queensland legislation with other relevant State legislation. For further information please contact us.

Generic Medical & Allied Health By-Laws

PHAQ commissioned Minter Ellison Lawyers to develop some By-Laws and Professional Guidelines for Medical Practitioners, Dentists and Allied Health Professionals, which may be of particular assistance to smaller organisations and day hospitals which perhaps have more limited resources or the expertise to address this critical area of hospital operations. The By-Laws are of relevance to hospitals in every State and have been deliberately crafted to reference the various types of statutory & legislative obligations but without articulating specific items of State or Commonwealth legislation. PHAQ has been granted a Licence by Minter Ellison Lawyers to use the By-Laws and is permitted to grant sub-licences of the By-Laws on payment of the relevant fee. Further information may be obtained by clicking the graphic on the home page of this website or by contacting us.