About PHAQ

PHAQ is an employer representative body, primarily funded by member subscription and supplemented by revenue generated from workshops, seminars, products and publications.

The objectives of the Association are to:

The range of services provided by PHAQ to its members includes representation to 3rd parties such as Government; Unions; Health Funds and other related stakeholders; provision of a comprehensive Industrial Relations Service; Seminars and Workshops, Online Benchmarking, Publications and communication on issues of importance to the membership.

PHAQ is managed by an Executive Director, under the direction and guidance of a Management Committee which, is elected biennially by the membership.

PHAQ hosts a range of networks to enable a broad range of private hospital managers to network and progress issues of common interest.

Working Parties on specific issues of relevance to the membership are established from time to time on an as needs basis. These comprise nominated professionals from within the membership, or occasionally by invitation, include external participants with expertise of relevance to the Committee.

Current PHAQ Networks include: